Arts manager

Alison’s work as an arts manager has a number of facets: initiating and directing visual arts, performing arts, literature and arts management programs at Asialink; her earlier work at the Art Gallery of South Australia; devising and delivering her own personal projects through Asialink and independently (including writing a manual on Independent Curatorship); devising and running conferences; undertaking management-focused commissions nationally and internationally, and teaching Arts Management skills through tertiary institutions and other avenues.

As founding Director of Asialink Arts, Alison initiated all program areas, then appointed Asia pic 3specialists to manage particularly the new Literature and Performing Arts/Arts Management Programs.  She directly managed the Visual Arts Program.  Early program areas were the cross-media Arts Residencies, and Touring Exhibitions.  A list of exhibitions toured is included here.  Alison has organised a number of important conferences focused on Asian culture.  She had held a number of outside consultancies on Asia-focused issues.

Of special notice here is the Arts Management Program which included Internships, special training manuals, and cross-media and cross-country engagement with Indonesia, and further special focus on Japan, with two major three-year long special programs in visual arts exchange being devised and delivered throughout the 2000’s.

Alison wrote a short story of her experience, to 2010 in Asialink Arts; Through the Looking Glass; The Asialink Arts Program 1990-2010