Asia-related speeches, talks, and interviews since 1990

“Eight Views” Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manila, 1990

Speaking, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manila

“John Howard Lecture” Asialink, Melbourne, 1995

Speaking at John Howard Lecture, Melbourne

“Cultural Futures” APT, Queensland Art Gallery, September, 1996

“Neighbours” ACCA, September 1996

“Asia” Guadalajara, Mexico, September, 1997

“Looking at the Republic” Monash University, September, 1997

“Limits of Modernity” Bangladesh Biennale, Dhaka, October, 1997

With delegates, Dhaka

“Perceptions Leadership program” Asia Education Foundation, May 1998

“Bilkool” Next Wave, May 1998

“Groundworks”, RMIT, November 1998

“Art of Sight/Art of Mind” NAVA, November 1998

“Concurrence of elements” Footscray Community Arts Centre, February 1999

“New Directions” Asialink Open Conference, June, 1999

“Cultural Exchange” ARX, Perth, July 1999

“Cultural Exchange between Australia and Asian Countries” Dunlop Asia Leadership Program, July 1999

“Perfect Day” Bendigo Art Gallery, August 1999

“Asian issues” NETS (Brisbane) September 1999

“New models, new art, new century” APT, Queensland Art Gallery, September 1999

“AWAS” ACCA, November 1999

“Face to Face” Monash University Gallery, June 2000

“10%for Asia” Asian Studies Associations of Australia, Annual Conference, Melbourne, July, 2000

‘”The hardest and the best” Artistic Exchange In Asia’ The 2nd Asian Gallery Meeting; Talking about Contemporary Art In Asia: from Various Perspectives, Saison Art Program, NICAF, Tokyo, March 2001.

“Shifting Centres” RMIT, Melbourne, June, 2001

“Foundations of Gold” RMIT Gallery, August, 2001

“Making the world his own: Clifford Frith” Gallery 101, Melbourne, September 2001

“Five great moments in Asian art” Turning Points, 8th Studies of Asia Conference, Victoria, September 2001

“Twentieth Century Asian Art” TAASA Symposium, Melbourne, June 2002

“Context: Asia and the arts” The Australia-Asia New Leaders Program, Melbourne & Sydney, August 2002

“The disappearing curator” Dramaturgies II, University of Melbourne, February 2003

“The last 100 years of Asian art: a reflection on dynamic change in our region”, one of three public lectures delivered at the University of Melbourne to celebrate 150 years, 1853-2003, University of Melbourne, May 2003

“Korean Metalwork” Monash University, February 2004

“Transformations in South and South East Asian Museums” Humanities Research Centre, ANU, February 2004

Chair, “The south at large” South 1 Conference, July 2004

“Goodwill and Curiosity”, Cross cultural exchange, Arc Biennial, Artworkers Alliance, Brisbane, 29 October 2005.

“Regional State”, Media States Forum, Australian Network for Art & Technology, Adelaide, 14 March 2006.

“Interactions, projects and opportunities with Asia for Visual Arts/Craft personnel of Australian museums and galleries”, Museums Australia Annual Conference, Brisbane, 15 May 2006.

“A vision of a future for Australia and Japan in the visual arts”, Australian Embassy, Tokyo, 20 July, 2006

“Curating and touring exhibitions of contemporary Australian Art in Asia: Asialink’s experience” University Art Museum, University of Queensland, 19 October 2006

“Curators and artists working in Asia: crash landings, reality checks, takeoffs” with Pat Hoffie, University Art Museum, University of Queensland, 20 October 2006

“Australian arts internationally” Australian Arts: Where the Bloody Hell are You? Symposium, Research Institute for Humanities & Social Sciences, University of Sydney, 8 December 2006

“The Global Region: Contemporary art in traditional environments?” InterACTIVE arts summit, Noosa, Queensland, 28 April 2007.

“Australia to Asia: making the cultural connections” OzAsia Symposium; the big ideas, Adelaide Festival Centre, 22 September 2007

“Models for successful cross-cultural collaborative programs” Mobility and Collaboration; Euro-Asia Express Performing Arts Management Meeting, IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts), Seoul, 13 October 2007.

Asia-related speaches... pic 1

Seoul, 2007

“Needing to know; knowledge, education and the arts” The Challenge for Education and Enculturation Processes, International Seminar on Contemporary Performing Arts, Art Summit Indonesia, Jakarta, 1 November 2007

Contemporary Chinese Photography, National Gallery of Victoria, 18 May 2008

“Creative Australia: treasure trove of Asian art” Leading 21st Century Schools National Forum, Asia Education Foundation, Adelaide, 19 May 2008

“Education: the foundations for cultural dialogue and engagement” OzAsia, Adelaide Festival Centre, 20 September 2008

“Exhibitions in Asia: issues” Gallery 4A, Sydney, 28 September 2008

“Martyrs to a cause” War Art in Asia and the Representation of War Australian Centre for Asian Art & Archaeology, University of Sydney, 28 August 2009

“’You could never have told me what it would be like’; Staff and exchange between art museums and galleries in the Asia Pacific region” Asian Art Museum Directors Forum, Seoul, 21 October 2009

“Chinese Art today” Mornington Peninsula Art Gallery, 20 March 2010

“Asialink Arts Program” Artworks, interview, ABC Radio National, March 2010

When I hear the words paper cranes, I reach for delete”… The Australian Story and the development of Australian Curriculum for the Arts, Asia Education Foundation National Summit, Leading Asia Literacy, Sydney, 23 March, 2010

Speaking at “When I hear the words paper cranes, I reach for delete”


Comparing art from different cultural traditionsSaturday Extra, ABC Radio National, 11 December 2010:

“Asian Arts Management” Arts Victoria, May 2012 (a one day intensive)

“The Triumph of the New – Asian Art 1900-2000”, Art Gallery of NSW, 22 March 2011

“Art and change in the Asia Pacific: mid-century war and dislocation as a paradigm for the future” American Association of Asian Studies, Honolulu, 1 April, 2011

“Acronym Wars: Punkasila”, Monash University Museum of Art, May, 2011

“The Revolutionary Century” National Gallery of Victoria, 18 May, 2011

“The Revolutionary Century” National Gallery of Victoria, 6 March 2012

“Connect” National Association for the Visual Arts online course for artists, 2012 (guest lecturer).

“Asian Arts Management” Arts Victoria, 22 & 25 May 2012

“Preparing Australians for the Asian Century” Panel Discussion, chaired by Douglas Gautier, with the Hon Penny Wong, Carrillo Gantner, Hieu Van Le, Sid Myer, Martyn Eames, OzAsia Festival, Adelaide Festival Centre, 26 September, 2012

“Issues in Asian art” International Women’s Day, Old Grammarians, Lyceum Club, March, 2013

“Rimbun Dahan; Cultivating the Garden”, Exhibition opening speech, Light Square Gallery, Adelaide, August, 2013

“Ways of Seeing” Key Note, InSEA World Congress, Melbourne Cricket Ground, July, 2014.

InSEA World Congress, keynote speech, brochure cover

“Links between Australian and Chinese Art”, lecture tour of Beijing, Hohhot, Suzhou and Shanghai, 11-16 September, 2014.

Why we should care more about Asian artSoap Box, Books and Arts, ABC Radio National, 9 February, 2015

The Political and the Personal: Australia’s Experience in Visual Arts Exchange in Southeast Asia through the 1990s”, Japan Foundation Asia Centre, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, May, 2015.

“Connectivity: Korean Art Now”, International Seminar held at the Korean Cultural Centre to launch the Korean Special Edition of Artlink magazine, November 2015.

“Contemporary Art as a Gateway to Understanding Asian Cultures More Broadly” Art Education Victoria Conference, December 2015

“Socialist Realism and Asian Art”, University of Melbourne, August, 2016

“Connecting Culture through the Arts”, Independent Schools Association, National Gallery of Victoria, September, 2016

“Hokusai and the West” National Gallery of Victoria, July, 2017

Interview with Catherine Gough-Brady on making of “A Journey Through Asian Art” 2014.  Published March 2019.

‘An analysis of twenty years touring exhibitions of Australian art in Asia’ AAANZ Annual Conference,  Auckland, 3-6 December, 2019.