Asialink Arts

Founding Director of Asialink Arts (University of Melbourne), 1990-2010.

Alison developed Asialink Arts from a small one-person area to one which involves hundreds of people working together each year, coming from around Australia and in most countries of the region.  The mission was to encourage and enable Australian artists and arts managers to work with colleagues in the Asian region, providing creative opportunities, increasing audiences and greater cultural understanding. She conceived and initiated the majority of Asialink’s arts programs, including:

Residencies, 1991 -2010*

Australian exhibitions touring in Asia, 1991 –2010*

Indonesian Arts Managers Internships, 2001-9

Australia Indonesia Arts & Community Program, 2000-3

Australia Japan Art Exhibitions Initiative, 2002-4; 2005-9

Literature Tours, 2001–7

Sidney Myer Asia Centre, University of Melbourne, home to Asialink Arts from 2000

Australia Asia Arts Conferences, 1999 –2009

Utopia Project, 2010

 *Asialink Arts continues these programs

During this time Asialink Arts became the largest organisation in the country focused on projects with the region. It had central support from the Australia Council of the Arts, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and all Australian State and Territory Governments. By 2010 it was the recipient of the highest funding from the Australia Council of any Austalian arts organisation (outside the clients of the Major Performing Arts Board).