Asialink Arts Exhibitions

Asialink Arts was based on Alison’s past curatorial experience, especially initiating exhibitions focused on Asian and Australian art, particularly touring Art from Australia; Eight Contemporary Views throughout South East Asia in 1989-90.  By 2010 it was calculated an Asialink exhibition had opened in Asia every 23 days over the past 20 years.  A publication listing all the exhibitions was published in 2010.  The basis of Asialink’s exhibitions was inviting Australian and Asian curators to be involved, on the principle they learnt about each other’s culture and made lasting professional links.  Most major Australian and Asian visual arts organisations were involved, from National Galleries around the region to smaller arts organisations.

List of Asialink Arts Exhibitions 1990-2010 (in alphabetical order):

Abundant Australia: highlights of the 11th Venice Architecture Biennale, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Canberra, 2009-10

Alternative Realities, University of Melbourne Museum of Art, Hong Kong University of Technology, Tamsui Art Centre, Taiwan, Beijing University Gallery, 1995-96

Affinities, Tin Sheds, University of Sydney, Walker Hill Art Gallery, Seoul, 1997-98

Akira Isogawa, National Gallery of Victoria, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, New Delhi, Mumbai, 2005-7

Art & Land, Noosa Regional Gallery, Chiang Mai University Gallery, Silpakorn University Gallery, Khon Kaen University Gallery, Vientiane, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Davao Cultural Centre,  2000

Aurora, RMIT Gallery, Seoul Arts Centre, Korea and 7 venues, 1996-98

Australia, Familiar and Strange, Queensland Art Gallery, Seoul Arts Centre, Korea, 1996

Asialink arts exhibitions pic 2

Australia Gold, RMIT Gallery, Singapore Design Centre, 9 venues throughout Asia, 1993-4 (catalogue cover, right)

Between Site & Space, Artspace Sydney, Tokyo Wonder Site, 2008

Body and Soul, National Gallery of Australia, 9 venues in Thailand and India, 1995-97

Callum Morton, Tomorrowland, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, Chandigarh, 2005

Brooke Andrew: Eye to Eye Monash University Gallery, Ateneo Museum Manila, Singapore, Bangkok 2008-9

Changing Places, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, National Art Gallery of Malaysia, Penang Museum, 1995

Circling the Square, Contemporary metalwork by Gray Street Workshop, Bangkok, Chiangmai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bandar Seri Begawan, 2001-2

Asialink arts exhibitions pic 1

Destiny Deacon: walk & don’t look blak, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 2006 (poster, right)

Dinosaur Designs, Object Sydney, Bangkok, Taipei, Singapore, 2004-5

Diorama of the City Artspace, Sydney, Tokyo Wonder Site, 2008-9

Dorothy Napangardi; Dancing Up Country, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, Hanoi & Kuala Lumpur, 2003-4

Enjoin, Cairns Regional Art Gallery, GSIS Gallery, Manila, 1998

Erased: Contemporary Australian Drawing, Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, 2009-10

Fire and Life, Monash University Art Gallery, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Gallery Chemould, Mumbai, Art Gallery of NSW, Perth Contemporary Art Space, Canberra School of Art Gallery, MS University Gallery, Baroda, 1996-97

Flow/Arus, Art Gallery of NSW, National Art Gallery of Malaysia 2000

Asialink arts exhibitions pic 3

Foundations of Gold, RMIT Gallery/City of Melbourne, Melbourne, Singapore, Manila, Seoul, Osaka & Mumbai, 2002-2002 (catalogue cover right)

From an Island South, Devonport Regional Gallery, 6 venues in Asia and Australia 2006-8

Giao Luu/Confluence, Centre for Contemporary Craft, Australian Embassy, Hanoi 1997

Gloss, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Nadiff, Tokyo, 2002

I thought I knew but I was wrong; new video art from Australia, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, 2004-5

Internal Travel, National Arts College Gallery, Lahore, 1999

Kawing, Cebu, Baguio, Puerto Princesa, Bacolod, Manila, 24 Hour Art, Darwin, 2001-02

Light Black, Jam Factory Craft & Design, Tokyo & Kyoto 2003

Living Together is Easy, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Tower Mito, 2003

Location, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Thailand, National Museum of Indonesia, National Gallery of Malaysia, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, 1993-94

Louisa Bufardeci Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 2008-9

Neil Taylor, Posco Gallery, Seoul, 1996

Asialink arts exhibitions pic4

Open Letter, Gallery 4A, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, National Gallery of Thailand, National Gallery of Malaysia, 2005-6 (catalogue cover, right)

Other Stories, National Gallery of Bangladesh, Gallery 706, Colombo, Kathmandu, Hanoi, Karachi, Lahore, 1997

Patricia Piccinini: We are family, Hara Museum Tokyo, 2004

Patterning, Canberra School of Art Gallery, National Gallery of Indonesia, National Arts College Gallery, Lahore, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Yogyakarta, Ubud, Bandung, Jakarta 1997-98

People in a Landscape, Australian Print Workshop, Manila, Tainan, Singapore, Colombo, Khon Kaen, Bangkok, Chiang Mai 2000-2

Peter Callas, Anti-Terrain, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Mumbai, Seoul, 2002-3

Photographica Australis, Australian Centre for Photography Bangkok, Singapore, Dhaka, Taipei, 2004

Rapport, Monash University Gallery, Singapore Art Museum, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 1996-7

Re:search Sendai Mediatheque, Japan 2007

Run Artist Run, Westspace Melbourne, 3 venues in South East Asia 2007

Sacred Ground Beating Heart, art of Jenny Watson, John Curtin Gallery, Ho Chi Minh  City, Colombo, Manila, 2004

Saisampan; Soul Ties, Chiang Mai University Gallery, Thailand 2002

A Secret History of Blue and White, Jam Factory Craft and Design, 10 venues, touring Asia and Australia, 2006-10

Sekali Lagi participants

Sekali Lagi, Hijjas Foundation, National Art Gallery, Malaysia, 1999

Sense, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Whan-Ki Museum, Seoul, 1997

Shifting Ground, Mike Parr, University of Western Australia, Cultural Centre of the Philippines, 1995

Shimai Toshi, Penrith Regional Art Gallery, Fujieda, 2004

Poster, 6×6

6 x 6, Queensland Art Gallery, Silpakorn Univeristy Gallery, Khon Kaen University, Chiang Mai University Gallery, 1992-93

Slowness of Speed, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of NSW, Artsonje Museum/Centre, Korea, 1998-9

Spirit Country: Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art,Melbourne Museum, Shanghai Library, Matsunoyama, Kushiro Museum of Art, Art Front Tokyo, 2003

Asialink arts exhibitions pic 7

Streetworks, in Yogyakarta

Streetworks, Canberra Contemporary Art Centre, 6 venues in South East Asia 2007-8

Supernatural Artificial, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Tokyo Museum of Photography, National Gallery of Thailand, Hanoi, Singapore, Dhaka, 2005-6

Symbol and Narrative, Thailand, India and Nepal, 1995

Ta Teut Amarasi – Awakening, Darwin, Kupang, Melbourne, 2008

Time out of joint, Footscray Community Art Centre, Hanoi School of Art Gallery, 2003

Trace Elements, Performance Space Sydney, Tokyo Opera City Gallery, 2008

Tracey Moffatt, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Art Sonje, Seoul, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 1999-2001

Transcultural Painting, University of Melbourne Museum of Art, Taiwan Museum of Art, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, two venues in China, 1999

A Transit through Paradise, Gallery 706 Colombo, Queensland Art Gallery, 1999

Asialink arts exhibitions pic 9

Under my skin, catalogue cover

Under my skin, Asialink, Manila, Singapore, Seoul, 2008-9

Unhomely, National Gallery of Victoria, Artsonje, Korea, 1998

Unwrapped; Australian fashion and textile design Bendigo Art Gallery, Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, 2003-5

Vibration, Art Gallery of Western Australia, three venues in Vietnam, Korea and China, 1995-96

Vietnam, Hanoi School of Art Gallery, Ho Chi Minh Museum of Art, 1992-93

Viewmasters Remix, Westspace Melbourne, Osaka, 2007

Voices of the Earth, Seoul Arts Centre, Korea, 1996

Meeting with President of Seoul Arts Center, 1996

White Hot: Contemporary Australian Glass, Bangkok, Hanoi, Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, 2009-10

The world in painting, Heide Museum of Modern Art, 9 venues in Asia and Australia 2007-9