International and Consultancies

  • Courier for international exhibitions e.g. for Australia Gallery Directors’ Council to USSR, 1979
  • Advisor to Queensland Art Gallery for Asia Pacific Triennials 1993, 1996 and 1999, undertaking research and negotiation tours of Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India.
  • Consultant to Australia Korea Foundation to assess future visual arts program  between Australia and Korea, 1993
  • Consultant to Australia China Council (and guest of Chinese Department of Culture) reporting on exhibition venues in China for Australian use, 1995

    Hangzhou, 1995

  • Leader, Tour of Japan of Australian Visual Arts Managers, sponsored by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 1995
  • Representative, Australia, Bangladesh Biennale, 1997
  • Guest, Kwangju Biennale Foundation, Korea, 2000, 2004

    Australian delegates, Kwangju Biennale, 1995

  • Guest, Tokyo Art Fair, 2001
  • Consultant, Asia New Zealand Foundation, The future of A:NZ Foundation Arts Program, Wellington and Auckland, 2010

    in Wellington, 2010