Media Coverage

Ways of thinking culturally in Asia today’ reprinted on Artshub website ‘premium content’ 3 August, 10 August, 17 August, 2015.

 Korean Heat’ reprinted in The Artro, Platform for Korean Contemporary Art, Seoul, November 2015.

Soap Box: why we should care more about Asian art; Books and Arts, Radio National 9/2/15

White paper’s Asia engagement plan fills ‘blank spot’ through social and cultural collaboration” Simon Crean Canvas, The Age, 3 December, 2012, p.13

Asian focus ‘lacking’ in our new cultural policy (The Age 16 04 12)

Asia pushed into wings by cultural policy (The Age 16 04 12)

Leaving Asia out of the loop (The Australian 16 04 12)

Learning on the Road to Asia (The Age, 20 04 11)

ABC ArtNation 04 02 11

ABC  Hindsight, Feb 2010  (on Barbara Hanrahan)

ABC Radio National, December 2010

Melbourne Leader – Queen’s Birthday Honour, June 2010

The Australian – Bridge-builder, June 2010

ABC Radio National, March 2010