Other Writing

Among publications of non-Asian material is the history of printmaking in South Australia, a focus on contemporary work about central Australia, a monograph on Barbara Hanrahan, guide to Independent Curatorship commissioned by the Art Museums of Australia Association in 1989, translated later into Chinese, and a history of moral censorship in Australian art.


List in chronological order

“Mantegna and the Mantegnesque in the Art Gallery of South Australia” Bulletin of the Art Gallery of South Australia, vol.35, 1977, 44-52

“Heysen the Draughtsman” Hans Heysen Retrospective, Adelaide, 1977, 73-101

Master Prints and Drawings from the Collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, 1978

“The Print Collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia” Imprint, 1, 1978

A Study of Sir Edward Burne-Jones for the Story of Phyllis and DemaphoonBulletin of the Art Gallery of South Australia, vol.36, 1978, 44-8

“Old Master Prints, Some Lines of Distinction” Australasian Antique Collector, 20th edition, 1980, 66-72

Drawing and the Century of Genius” Leonardo, Michelangelo and the Century of Genius, Master Drawings from the British Museum, Adelaide 1980, vi-ix

Introduction Drawing: Leonardo, Michelangelo and the Century of Genius, Adelaide 1980

Drawn and Quartered, Australian Contemporary Paperworks, Adelaide, 1980

Australian Contemporary Photography from the Collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, 1980

“On the Credibility of Carlo Ridolfi’s ‘Lives of the Venetian Painters'” Australian Journal of Art, vol.2, 1980, 51-62

A Newly Discovered Drawing by Giambattista Tiepolo in AdelaideMaster Drawings, vol.18, no.2, 1980, 147-8

“Art and the press” Artlink, vol.1, no.2, 1981, 3

John C Goodchild 1898-l980, Adelaide, 1981

Graven Images in the Promised Land: A History of Printmaking in South Australia, Adelaide, 1981

Real Visions; the Life and Work of FA Joyner, South Australian Photographer 1863-1945, Adelaide 1981

“A Cinderella Collection: Prints and Drawings (and Photographs) in South Australia” Art and Australia, vol.19, no.1, 1981, 75-82

Introduction Australian Screenprints 1982-83, Melbourne, 1982

“Photography in South Australia: the Recent Experience” Bulletin of the Art Gallery of South Australia, 1983

The Centre: Works on Paper by Contemporary Australian Artists, Adelaide, 1984

The State’s Collections: Some Italian drawings from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, Adelaide 1985

“The State’s Collections: Some nineteenth century portrait drawings by Australian artists” Adelaide 1985

“Eugene von Guerard, the Draughtsman and his Views of South Australia” Eugene von Guerard’s South Australia, Adelaide 1986, 1-13

Barbara Hanrahan, Printmaker Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 1986 (Radio program) (review here)

“Artists on Art Museums” AMAA News, no.9, January 1989, 26-7

“Museums and Galleries: a practical legal guide” Review, Artlink, vol.9, no.3, Spring 1989, 57

Irony, Humour and Dissent, Recent Australian Drawings, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, 1989

Moral Censorship and the Visual Arts in Australia, The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, 1989, 25 pp

“A study of Genius: Master Drawings and Watercolours from the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen in the Royal Library, Windsor Castle” Review, Art and Australia, Autumn, 1989, vol.26, no.3, 400

“Freelance Curators Workshop” AMAA News, no.13, December, 1989

“Directory 1988; the Devil’s Advocate and Dorothy Dix” Review, Art and Australia, Autumn, 1990, vol.27, no.3, 400-1

“Drawing Conclusions” Review Art and Australia, Winter 1990, vol.27, no.4, 563-4

“Hot Art” AMAA News, no.18, November/December 1990, 4-6

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Translation in Chinese:  Five Senses Arts Management Inc, Taiwan, 2004 

Independent Curators; A guide for the Employment of Independent Curators, Art Museums Association of Australia, 1991, 28 pp. (cover)(text)

“A take-on life – the art of Pat Hoffie” Witnessing to Silence: Art and Human Rights eds. Caroline Turner and Nancy Sever, ANU, 2003, 28-32.

“Istanbul is wonderful” (with Caroline Williams), Artlink, vol.26, #1, 2006, 18-9.

“More Equal” Fully Exploited Labour; Pat Hoffie ed. Sally Butler, University of Queensland Art Museum, 2008, 109-11 (and in Exhibition brochure, University of Queensland Art Museum, October 2006)

Liverpool Biennial 2010; Touched” Artlink vol.30, #4, 2010, 61-3

Australian art internationally needs a home baseNAVA Quarterly, Arts Policy, December 2011, 11

Seeking a dialogue with AfricaArtlink, vol 31, #1, 2011, 72

Camouflage; Visual Art and Design in Disguise” review of exhibition, Helsinki, Artlink, vol.32, #3, September, 2012, 84

Germans Artists in the South Seas”, Art Monthly Australia, # 299, June-July, 2017, 58-63.

“‘Australia has no culture’: changing the mindset of the cringe, The Conversation, 8 November, 2017

Utopianism and us: ‘Call of the Avant-Garde’ at Heide”, Art Monthly Australia, # 303, November 2017, 58-9