Ways of Seeing Seminar

“Ways of seeing” workshop

A specialist seminar developed and delivered by Alison in Australia and elsewhere, with 20-25 participants responding to Alison’s presentation of five different cultural ‘ways of seeing’.  She uses ‘Western’, Chinese, Indian, Central Desert Indigenous, and Balinese cultures. At the end of the presentation the participants must draw what they see from the window of the seminar room in the styles of four of those cultures. Then all is discussed. 

“Ways of Seeing” Asialink Leadership Program Forums, Melbourne & Sydney, and then Brisbane, variously March or August, 2003 – 14 

“Ways of Seeing” Asia Education Foundation, Victorian Leadership Group, August, 2003

“Ways of Seeing” AEF Annual Conference, Melbourne, September, 2003

“Ways of Seeing” 12th International Conference on Thinking, Melbourne, July, 2005

“Ways of Seeing” Imagine, Inspiration, Innovation, Australian College of Educators National Conference, Hobart, April, 2008

“Ways of seeing” workshop

“Ways of Seeing” Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, June 2012

 “Ways of Seeing” Melbourne Forum, March 2013